Star Wars Wars

Rey's Theme 800% slower - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

While working on a different idea I took Rey's Theme and decided to slow it down as much as I could using software available to me. I was using Adobe Audition and I was able to slow down Rey's theme down to 800%, or 8 times slower. After I slowed it down it sounded terrible. It was crunchy, a lot of digital artifacting, etc. I played around with the levels and reverb. Finally I think I arrived at something that sounds like a new work on it's own. A longer, drawn out, maybe even sadder version of John Williams's original work. John Williams really is the best, isn't he? Thanks for listening!

Finally, instead of simply a still image during the song, I decided to edit a short loop of all her shots from the promotional material. I enjoy watching it because I feel the meaning of the footage changes with the tone of the music. The original track is available on the official Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens soundrack. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!