Star Wars Wars

Rey’s Nightmare

Rey never saw this coming when she reached for Anakin's Lightsaber. Who knew this object of such reverence could of had such a zany/annoying beginning? DavidUngerMusic, that's who.

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Rise of the Jedi

Here's a more reverant tone for you. Sachem Interactive bring us a almost documentary style montage of Luke Skywalker's journey from Episod IV to VII.

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Kylo Ren Outakes

Leave it to the Auralnauts to take on Kylo Ren. It's a perfect setup with the mask and voice distortion, and they take full advantage of it in this hilarious video.

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94 minutes on Dagobah

Away put your weapon. Clear your mind of questions. Enjoy 94 minutes relaxing on Dagobah while listening to the sounds of the jubba bird, vine snakes, swamp slugs, nharpina and the spade-headed smooka. You never know when other guests may appear.

Read more about this video by maurcs on io9, techno buffalo and inquisotr.

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